Wheat Free Grocery List

Wheat-Free Grocery List

Wheat-Free Grocery List

“Just tell me what to eat!” is the most popular comment I get when I tell people that we eat wheat-free.

Now that you’re eating wheat free, you want to choose to eat all your favorite healthy foods (excluding wheat foods, of course) and avoid the foods you really don’t like.

Wheat Free Grocery List
Wheat Free Grocery List

Let’s take a wheat free food inventory of your preferences as well as the rest of your family.  Here is my current Wheat Free Kitchen Grocery List for our family.  You’re welcome to use my list or make your own.  Make sure you include lots of fruits, veggies, and leafy greens on your inventory list.  Everything else is negotiable.

  1. Print a copy of my free Wheat Free Kitchen Grocery List printable here
  2. Use a highlighter or circle all your favorite foods (my favorites are raspberries and papaya)
  3. Cross off all the things you won’t eat (I don’t like seafood so you wont find it on my list so add it at the end if you enjoy those foods)
  4. Ask the rest of the family what their favorite foods are on the list and mark their initials next to those foods.  This is now your master grocery list!
  5. This gives you the knowledge you need to start substituting the unhealthier wheat foods with more of the healthier foods you know your family loves.  For example, Kaden says he loves mangoes and would be happy to trade his morning cereal for a mango for breakfast instead.
  6. Take your new master grocery list and use it as a starting point for your grocery shopping and meal planning.

Here is a copy below of what is in my current Wheat Free Kitchen Grocery List looks like.

Apples Artichokes Basil Brown Rice
Apricots Arugula Cardamom Gluten-Free Oats
Avocados Asparagus Cayenne pepper Quinoa
Bananas Beets Chives Coconut Water
Blackberries Bell peppers Cilantro – dried Dry Beans
Blueberries Broccoli Cinnamon Tea
Cantaloupe Brussel sprouts Cloves RAW NUTS/SEEDS
Cherries Cabbage Cumin (no salt/not roasted)
Coconuts Carrots Curcumin Brazil Nuts
Cranberries Cauliflower Dill Cashews
Dates Celery Mustard Seeds Chia seeds
Figs Chili peppers Nutmeg Flax Seed
Grapefruit Cilantro – fresh Oregano Hemp Seeds
Grapes Cucumbers Paprika Macadamia Nuts
Honeydew Melon Fennel Parsley Pecans
Kiwi Garlic Pink Himalayan Salt Pistachios
Lemons Ginger Sage Pumpkin Seeds
Limes Green Beans Tarragon Sesame Seeds
Mangos Green Peas Thyme Sesame Tahini
Melons Jalapeno Turmeric Sunflower Seeds
Oranges Kale SWEETENERS Walnuts
Papayas Leafy Greens Raw Honey FRIDGE
Pears Mushrooms Pure Maple Syrup Hummus
Plums Onions Raisins Free range chicken
Pomegranates Parsnips Dates Grass fed beef/turkey
Raspberries Peppers Prunes NOTES
Strawberries Potatoes Dried Apricots  
Tangerines Pumpkin OILS  
Watermelon Radishes Avocado Oil  
Wild Blueberries Romaine lettuce Coconut Oil  
  Spinach Olive Oil  
  Sweet potatoes    
  Swiss Chard    
  Winter Squash