Medical Medium Book Review on Wheat

Medical Medium Book Review on Wheat

I am very excited about the new book released today called Medical Medium by Anthony William!  The author writes about a massive amount of health information that explores all-natural healing solutions.

His voice and written material reveal secrets about food and healing.  I am most looking forward to indulging into reading the detailed information written into this book, but before I do that, I wanted to do a quick skim of his points on wheat so that I may share with you.

Wheat is Mentioned 14 Times

At first glance, wheat is mentioned 14 times in this new book.  Many times Anthony refers to wheat as “wheat gluten” which is a pleasing combination and order of those two words (as written separately mean two different things).  When wheat is referred in the book, here are some health points that are shared in the Medical Medium book:

  1. Besides eliminating wheat gluten and processed sugars, focus on the power of fruits and vegetables.
  2. Wheat is included on the list as a common migraine food trigger
  3. It’s interesting to note allergies are not always just wheat.  One person’s allergy combination noted in the book included wheat, dairy, and eggs.  Another person’s allergy combination included wheat and all other grains and gluten, as well as beans, corn, canola oil, and eggs.
  4.  “…ideally cut ALL wheat products and gluten products” in the ADHD/Autism chapter
  5. Focus and communication issues improved when grains and dairy were removed.
  6. Zucchini noodles are much healthier than wheat pasta.  Careful of the raw zucchini that may be hard to digest.

 What Not to Eat – Chapter 19

  1. Avoid eating all corn including gluten-free foods that may use corn instead of wheat
  2. Avoid eating gluten including wheat to which people are especially sensitive.
  3. MSG food should be avoided including these common wheat terms:  maltodextrin, barley malt, malt extract, wheat starch, and modified food starch

Kidney Stones and Gallbladder Stones

I asked a question about my kidney stone issue through Medical Medium’s members only group and the moderator responded quickly that I should continue with the lemon water to help dissolve the stone but skip the oil/lemon concoction I’ve tried.

It was also stated to drink a glass of celery juice on an empty stomach every day.  This seems to be a popular healing solution that is repeated for many ailments.

I am enjoying the celery juice by juicing one full celery bunch which I measured this morning at 1 1/3 cup of juice (he recommends 16 ounces).  The twins ask to help make the juice and enjoy a few sips too.

Its also noted to eat lots of fruits and vegetables to help dissolve and prevention of kidney stones.

It’s interesting to note that the healing solutions for kidney stones are also the same for gallbladder stones.



Anyway, if this information intrigues you as much as its intriguing me, please purchase your Medical Medium book by Anthony William through this link or my Wheat Free Kitchen Shop above.  Your purchases from my website are much appreciated and help pay for my wheat-free blogging career.  Thank you!



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