Frozen Grapes

Now that summer is almost here, how about a nice cool treat:


Please be careful as frozen grapes are very hard straight out of the freezer so definitely not a good choice to offer toddlers.

Wheat-Free Grocery List

Wheat Free Grocery List

“Just tell me what to eat!” is the most popular comment I get when I tell people that we eat wheat-free.

Now that you’re eating wheat free, you want to choose to eat all your favorite healthy foods (excluding wheat foods, of course) and avoid the foods you really don’t like.

Let’s take a wheat free food inventory of your preferences as well as the rest of your family.  Here is my current Wheat Free Kitchen Grocery List for our family.  You’re welcome to use my list or make your own.  Make sure you include lots of fruits, veggies, and leafy greens on your inventory list.  Everything else is negotiable.

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What Not to Eat Details

What Not to Eat List

Besides not eating wheat, we need to be careful about not eating other unhealthy foods to help prevent illnesses and diseases. Here is the short list of what not to eat based on the Medical Medium resources.

Studying Healing Foods with the Medical Medium, Anthony Williams

Medical Medium Book #1

I’ve been following Anthony Williams, author of the Medical Medium since just before his first book was released in November 2015.  I’ve been reading, listening, absorbing, testing, trying, studying and basically obsessing over the leading edge information he is bringing forward about eating healthy foods to prevent and cure many diseases and illnesses.

I’m beginning to revamp my entire Wheat Free Kitchen website to incorporate his specific protocols on choosing the healthiest lifestyle possible in today’s world.  I am striving for as the ultimate healing protocols for myself, my family, and anyone else that would like to listen through my Wheat Free Kitchen blog and Wheat Free Kitchen Facebook.

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Medical Medium Book Review on Wheat

I am very excited about the new book released today called Medical Medium by Anthony William!  The author writes about a massive amount of health information that explores all-natural healing solutions.

His voice and written material reveal secrets about food and healing.  I am most looking forward to indulging into reading the detailed information written into this book, but before I do that, I wanted to do a quick skim of his points on wheat so that I may share with you.

Wheat is Mentioned 14 Times

At first glance, wheat is mentioned 14 times in this new book.  Many times Anthony refers to wheat as “wheat gluten” which is a pleasing combination and order of those two words (as written separately mean two different things).  When wheat is referred in the book, here are some health points that are shared in the Medical Medium book:

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